Check Out the Texas ABA Centers Feature in Austin Family Magazine: Action for Autism Care

Texas ABA Centers is delighted and honored to have been featured in the Austin Family Magazine’s September issue! This publication promotes valuable tips and guides for smart parenting, from education and schooling to health, fitness, and community events.

As the article discusses, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the most prevalent developmental disorder in the Lone Star State. Each year, the number of autism diagnoses in children and teens accelerates throughout the U.S. Fortunately, continued developments in the autism field, along with general awareness and acceptance as demonstrated by this coverage, have provided the public with steadfast updates and critical data relevant to ASD. We’ve seen an inarguably positive shift in how our country views developmental disorders like autism, and access to this information plays a significant role.

Austin family magazine - september 2023

One of the best ways to initiate these perspective changes is through reliable and supportive resources. At Texas ABA Centers, we offer convenient autism care just as much as we strive to connect with like-minded sources. Expanding the front in which people can learn about autism and make sound decisions is paramount as we broaden the scope of ASD into everyday kitchen-table knowledge. We invite the opportunity to engage closely with companies, organizations, and publications, such as Austin Family Magazine, which promote acceptance and understanding while shattering many lingering stigmas.

Austin Family Magazine precisely put our ethos into perspective – we feel traditional wait times for autism diagnoses and therapy hinder further progress for everyone involved. Families shouldn’t have to wait around when searching for life-changing autism care. Children and teens shouldn’t have their futures put on hold. We aimed to disrupt the norm and champion an outdated system. With our initial launch phase underway, we couldn’t be more thrilled to get started.

We now offer ABA therapy in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and surrounding areas. We’ve been fortunate to assemble a team of dedicated ABA experts, including board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavior technicians (RBTs). These roles are pivotal to the success of our services, so we took the time to ensure each professional has the experience and expertise needed to give children and teens the platform they require as they venture into adulthood.

Texas ABA Centers will open the doors to our state-of-the-art behavioral care clinics in the coming months, each designed to showcase our play-based approach. By working closely with families, we create tailored plans mindful of their loved one’s strengths and challenges. We also strongly advocate for early intervention as it can tremendously benefit a child’s development by enhancing social, cognitive, and communication skills; this can only be possible by offering reliable testing, screening, and diagnostic services. Texas ABA Centers offers free consultations, and any insights families may need when searching for dedicated care.

The future looks incredibly bright for autism care, and we are privileged to participate in this exciting new wave. We wholeheartedly thank Austin Family Magazine for promoting the importance of accepting and understanding autism. Thanks to them, families can relieve their uncertainty and get the required assistance.

Please check out the rest of Austin Family Magazine’s website for more family-related content regarding local areas of Texas. You’ll find a robust selection of articles and guides for your loved ones, with an entire section for Spanish-speaking Texas residents. Their events calendar is a stellar way to engage in community affairs, clubs, play groups, and much more.

If you or someone you know could benefit from knowing more options about autism, call us at (877) 771-5725 or visit our website for additional information regarding our ABA services or a free consultation. We’ve come to Texas for you!

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