Child ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy for Children

Child ABA therapy in Texas is ideal for children ages two to twelve. We employ behavioral techniques backed by decades of science and research to empower toddlers, young teens, and everyone in between to be their authentic selves while gaining valuable life skills. If your child needs extra support achieving their milestones, check out our ABA therapy programs to discover how your loved one can flourish.

At Texas ABA Centers, we recognize that every child on the spectrum has unique challenges and even more unique gifts. With our ABA therapy services, we veer from the norm and create individualized plans for each child’s situation, considering their needs and family goals. Since an accurate autism diagnosis can occur around two years, diagnosed children will express varying symptoms that can alter as they grow. For this reason, we stress the importance of early intervention to prevent these behaviors and actions from worsening.

Aba therapy for children

Child ABA Therapy Process

Our ABA therapy programs typically require 20-40 weekly hours for up to three years. Our dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) will design each program, and an in-house Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) will implement the features during each session as they work closely with your child.

For toddlers and pre-K children, these all-day programs aim to prepare them for kindergarten; for older children, these programs seek to build on already-developed skills at home, in school, and in various social environments.

Every ABA therapy program begins with an assessment by a BCBA. Your provider will evaluate patterns and consider long-term goals to work toward. After spending time with your family to understand these challenges and concerns, the BCBA will create a detailed ABA treatment plan to meet these needs and improve your child’s life.

Child ABA Therapy Options Include

  • Autism testing and diagnosis services
  • In-home ABA therapy
  • Life, school, and community integration services
  • Family and parent training

Positive Reinforcement in Child ABA Therapy

Positive reinforcement is a critical element in our ABA therapy programs. When children engage in healthy behavior, and a reward follows, they are more likely to repeat it. Over time, this practice helps create new patterns and encourages positive change.

During ABA therapy sessions, your provider will identify goal behavior, and each time your child successfully follows through, they receive something significant as a reward. These can range from:

  • Praise
  • A book or toy
  • Access to the park or playground
  • Favorite food
  • Watching a video or playing a game
Aba therapy can teach your child skills to succeed

Child ABA Therapy in Texas

Regardless of where your child is in their stage of learning and development, we can ensure our ABA therapy approach allows them to lead a happy, rewarding, and gratifying life. For more information regarding ABA therapy for children or any of our other services, contact (877) 771-5725 to discuss your options with an expert.
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