Managing caregiver burnout illustrated with parents expressing headaches while kids run about

Managing Caregiver Burnout: The Impact of Autism on Parents

How does autism impact caregivers? ASD can affect various aspects of daily life, including communication, social interactions, and sensory sensitivities, requiring significant support and accommodations.
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Handwashing in Autism

Handwashing in Autism: 6 Amazing Strategies for Parents in Texas

In the broad spectrum of autism, we encounter a diversity of challenges that affect not only behavior but also the most basic everyday activities, such as handwashing in autism. From resistance to following established routines to difficulty processing and understanding instructions, individuals with autism often face unique obstacles in maintaining ...
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The 7 Dimensions of ABA: Grasping Applied Behavior Analysis

The 7 Dimensions of ABA: Grasping Applied Behavior Analysis

The 7 Dimensions of ABA, established in 1968 by Baer, Wolf, and Risley, are foundational to effective ABA therapy or applied behavior analysis programs. These dimensions outline and optimize the 7 core functions of ABA, which support ABA providers in enhancing treatment plans, sessions, and assessments to improve outcomes for ...
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A young Jedi celebrates May the 4th Star Wars Day playing light sabers in the park

May the 4th Be with You: Texas ABA Centers Spotlights Star Wars Day

In the following, we'll explore ways for parents and caregivers to capitalize on their child's enthusiasm for Star Wars and similar fantasy franchises to encourage meaningful engagement, growth, and the exploration of their innate talents.
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Early Intervention in ABA Therapy

Early Intervention in ABA Therapy: Empowering Children with Autism

Receiving a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for a child can be an emotional and overwhelming experience for parents. It marks the beginning of a journey filled with uncertainties, questions, and the desire to provide the best possible support for their child. However, amidst the initial shock, parents must ...
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Anxiety in Autism

Understanding Anxiety in Autism: 6 Common Causes

Anxiety, a prevalent and significant mental health challenge, impacts around 4% of the global population, as reported by the World Health Organization, reflecting its far-reaching effects in today's rapidly evolving society. Amidst these dynamics, certain groups are particularly vulnerable to experiencing anxiety. The intersection of anxiety in autism spectrum disorder ...
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