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Before your loved one can begin ABA therapy, they must receive an official autism diagnosis from an established professional. Unfortunately, many families are discouraged to find that waiting lists for this process often take months to years to complete without the right company. At Texas ABA Centers, we understand the importance of early intervention and ensure a timely testing, screening, and diagnosis process so you can get started without a long wait.

Child ABA therapy in Texas is ideal for children ages two to twelve. We employ behavioral techniques backed by decades of science and research to empower toddlers, young teens, and everyone in between to be their authentic selves while gaining valuable life skills. If your child needs extra support achieving their milestones, check out our ABA therapy programs to discover how your loved one can flourish.

At Texas ABA Centers, we specialize in providing transformative ABA therapy programs for teenagers with autism. Our dedicated team is committed to helping teenagers acquire and strengthen valuable skills that will benefit them in the present and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling future.

At Texas ABA Centers, we understand that home is where your child feels safe, supported, and most at ease. That’s why we offer in-home ABA therapy as a convenient and practical option for many families. Our dedicated ABA therapists engage with your child in their familiar environment, eliminating barriers to learning and reducing anxiety.

Did you know that early intervention can make a significant difference in the lives of children with autism? Recent studies have shown that early intervention can tremendously impact a child’s development, enhancing their communication, social skills, and cognitive abilities. It can even help prevent more severe behavioral challenges often associated with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

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