Autism and Celebrities: 13 Celebrity Parents Raising Kids With Autism

Autism and Celebrities: 13 Celebrity Parents Raising Kids With Autism

Which celebs have autistic children?

While we often imagine celebrities leading lives of unblemished glamour and success, many have opened up about their personal experiences, shedding light on an issue that affects thousands of families worldwide. The intersection of autism and celebrities is a topic that garners considerable attention and deserves recognition. These public figures are using their platforms to increase acceptance and awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a condition that continues to grow in prevalence.

Navigating the realm of neurodiversity can often leave families and individuals feeling isolated; this is where celebrity parents raising kids with autism step in, using their voices to promote acceptance and understanding. They highlight the importance of access to services and therapies that meet the needs of those on the spectrum.

But you might wonder, which celebs have autistic children? At Texas ABA Centers, we’ve compiled a list of 13 celebrity autism parents who openly discuss their personal experiences around having a loved one with autism to help other parents in similar situations and future generations dealing with this increasingly common diagnosis.

Autism and Celebrities: The Importance of Advocacy

Historically, disabilities were often shrouded in shame and perceived as a failure by many families, mainly due to a lack of understanding regarding developmental disorders, leading many to conceal these conditions rather than seek help for their loved ones. However, as the medical community and more families have come to recognize that ASD is far from rare, research has evolved, paving the way for new diagnostic techniques, therapies, and services. These advancements facilitate early intervention and the recognition of autism.

Today, according to CDC ASD data and statistics, 1 in 36 children are identified with autism, a significant increase from 1 in 44 children just two years ago. This rise is not solely due to an increased number of cases. It also reflects greater public awareness and more open conversations about developmental disorders.

The role of celebrity parents raising kids with autism has been instrumental in this shift. Their openness and advocacy have significantly helped to reduce the stigma that has long surrounded the diagnosis of ASD.

Celebrity Autism Parents:


  1. Sylvester Stallone: As one of Hollywood’s most recognized faces, Stallone didn’t shy away from discussing his son, Seargeoh Stallone’s autism diagnosis. In a public service announcement filmed in 1990, he candidly stated, “Imagine your son has autism; mine does.” At a time when discussions about autism were sparse, this was a significant move. While Stallone and his family have kept their son away from the public eye, they established a research fund with the National Society for Children and Adults with Autism. Furthermore, Stallone ensures that a portion of his film earnings goes towards this fund.

  2. Amanda Booth: American model and actress Amanda Booth uses her platform to champion diversity and inclusion, particularly for individuals like her son Micha, born in 2015 with Down syndrome and autism. For Booth, showcasing individuals with Down syndrome and autism is not just about representation but about sparking conversations around autism and encouraging understanding of the disorder.

  3. John Travolta and Kelly Preston: This powerful Hollywood couple revealed their eldest son, Jett Travolta’s autism diagnosis after his untimely death in 2009. Since then, they have been actively involved in various charities and organizations, promoting autism research and increasing awareness.

  4. Doug Flutie: The son of former NFL player Doug Flutie, “Dougie” Flutie Jr., was born in 1992 and diagnosed with autism. He is also non-verbal. In response, his parents established the “Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism”. This non-profit organization is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with autism and supporting programs that help these individuals reach their full potential.

  5. Gary Cole: With a nearly four-decade-long acting career, Cole revealed that his daughter, Mary, was diagnosed with autism in 1995. This personal experience inspired him to become an advocate for children with autism. Cole was particularly struck by the sense of community around autism, noting that it seemed almost everyone he knew had a friend or relative affected by the disorder.

  6. Brendan Fraser: In an interview with Interview Magazine regarding his film “The Whale,” Fraser shared that his eldest son Griffin, born in 2002, has autism. He further revealed how Griffin’s experiences influenced many aspects of his character, Charlie, in the film. Griffin, who stands 6’4″ and lives with obesity, has been a source of inspiration for Fraser. The actor wants to extend the same care he provides for his son to others on the spectrum and advocate for children with special needs.

  7. Rosie O’Donnell: The renowned comedian shared a heartfelt journey in a personal essay published in People magazine – the autism diagnosis of her daughter Dakota, born in 2013. In the piece, O’Donnell reveals how Dakota’s autism has allowed her to view the world from a unique perspective. She discusses the emotional impact of the life-changing news, saying, “For me – it’s like an angel fell into my life. I’m not taking away from the pain and hardship that this diagnosis brings to families. It’s not easy – but it’s necessary to let them know we see them.”

  8. Joe Mantegna: The ‘Criminal Minds’ star’s daughter, Mia Mantegna, born in 1987, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2. At the time, Mantegna admitted to Brain News magazine that the news came as a shock since people didn’t widely discuss autism then. Mantegna and his wife dedicated themselves to supporting their daughter and have since advocated for open discussions about the needs and traits of individuals with autism. They believe that sharing information can pave the way towards acceptance and inclusion, making a significant difference in the lives of those affected by autism.

  9. Shawn Stockman: As a multi-platinum R&B singer from Boyz II Men, Stockman is the father of twin boys, one of whom, Micah, was diagnosed with autism. Thanks to access to top-notch doctors, therapists, and services, Micah’s condition improved significantly, inspiring his parents to advocate for other children with autism. Through their non-profit foundation, Micah’s Voice, they aim to foster a community where families can support each other. “It’s about raising money and helping parents get going, but also empowering them to help children throughout their lives,” says Stockman.

  10. Ed Asner: The late seven-time Emmy Award-winning actor and broadcaster, Asner was the father of Charlie, his youngest son, who was diagnosed with autism at age nine. Asner spent the next two decades advocating for the rights of those with disabilities. His Ed Asner Family Centers Foundation works to provide support and resources for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. The foundation aims to offer programs and services that enhance the quality of life for people with special needs and promote societal inclusion.

  11. Toni Braxton: Braxton’s son Diezel was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Since then, she has been a strong advocate for early intervention. Although she acknowledges herself as one of the fortunate mothers, with her son Diezel now off the spectrum, she understands that this outcome is not typical for most. Nevertheless, Diezel’s success at age 13 brings hope to many parents and proves that early intervention can make a significant difference.

  12. Holly Robinson Peete: In 2007, Peete shared her son RJ’s autism journey on the cover of People magazine, a candid revelation that encouraged dialogue with families on a similar path. Reflecting on RJ’s progress, she told People in a 2018 interview, “When I look back and see RJ, this strapping young man who’s 20 years old and has a job – he’s doing all these things that people told me he would never do. It really makes you emotional because I can’t believe he’s come so far, and I’m still so blessed.”

  13. Dan Marino: Renowned quarterback, commentator, and Miami Dolphins spokesman Dan Marino and his wife Claire established the Dan Marino Foundation in 1992 in honor of their son Michael, who was diagnosed with autism at two and a half years old. The Dan Marino Foundation enhances the quality of life for those with developmental disabilities, particularly autism. The foundation aims to empower individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through support programs, services, and increased acceptance.

These stories of autism and celebrities help bring attention to the cause and promote a more inclusive society.

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Anyone can experience an autism diagnosis, transcending economic or social boundaries. At Texas ABA Centers, we strive to accentuate the positive facets of an autism diagnosis and underscore the significance of ABA therapy for everyone within the spectrum.

The intersection of autism and celebrities plays a vital role, providing a platform that encourages establishing organizations that support neurodiverse individuals and their families. At Texas ABA Centers, we offer autism diagnostic services and ABA therapies designed to help those with ASD develop essential life skills, amplify their inherent strengths, and foster independence.

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